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Activism: Big Brother

See also: Cyber Rights, Privacy, Cypherpunks and Ban Spam

In this age of information, personal information (information about a person) is becoming at once more prevalent and more valuable. Information about the average person in the United States is entered into 17 databases (pre-web figure from November 1994) including:
  • Credit card
  • Bank
  • DMV
  • Store (from store creditcards or credit card payments for goods)
  • Federal, state & local government
  • Magazine subscription lists
Using these databases, anyone interested (e.g., the Direct Marketing Association, the FBI, etc.) can determine a huge amount about a person by indexing this information according to (e.g.):
  • where a person lives
  • what magazines she reads
  • what stores she frequents and products she purchases
  • where she goes on vacation
Further, anyone participating on the Internet is also noted on an uncountable number of databases, including ones such as:

This speed, accuracy, and quantity of this information collection is increasing at an alarming rate. Truly, Big Brother is nigh.

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